Law situation for season rental

Law situation for season rental (Gesloten voor reacties)

Ralph 23.08.2016 14:17
Since 10 years I book a season place for my caravan at the same minicamping in Zeeland (Hooge Meet). Recently the owners of the camping started moving my caravan from my place renting it to other visitors for the weekend when I am not there. This is happening without my agreement and without even asking me.

My questions now:
1. Are they allowed to touch my caravan without my ok?
2. Are they allowed to rent my spot to otheres when I am not there?
3. Are they allowed to charge for the spot when I allow my friends to stay at my caravan for a week (I understand they are charging for each person but for the place I have paid it already for the whole season)

Thank you for your kind replies! Any legal advise would be appreciated!