Regulation about gas stove in campsites

Regulation about gas stove in campsites (Gesloten voor reacties)

amilabanuka 15.05.2021 14:20
I'm new to camping and was looking for a campsite in . there is a rule about open fire as
"No, open fire is not allowed in the tent. But on most areas there is a fire house or fire pit where everyone is welcome to light a fire.".

I'm wondering what is considered as open fire in the case. I undertand a camp fire, BBQ grill with wood are not allowed. i'm wondering about gas stoves. like to quickly make some tea, coffee or a omlette. is this considered an open fire? if not what kind of equipments are allowed to cook something in these campsites.

Geplaatst door: ® Johan 16.05.2021 09:11
A gas stove is not considered as open fire. All CE certified camping burners for cooking are allowed. There are no specific requirements.